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MAstering the Art of Teaching


Being Response-able

Being Response-able is the first workshop of The Being and Becoming Series and the necessary prerequisite for all "Being" workshops. This interactive workshop encourages open dialogue about adverse experiences, there effects on relationships/behaviors and how to engage in reflective conversations. 


Being Relate-able

Being Relate-able is the second component of The Being and Becoming Series. The Being Response-able workshop is a prerequisite. This interactive workshop focuses on the impacts of microaggressions and how it impedes the ability to build cooperative relationships in an outside of the workplace. This workshop can be tailored according to the needs of your organization. 

Being the Tough Teacher

Being the Tough Teacher is the third component of The Being and Becoming Series. The Being Response-able workshop  is the prerequisite. This workshop takes a closer look at classroom management. It promotes an effective way to build a safe, nurturing and productive space for teachers/ students while distinguishing the difference between discipline and motivational disruptions. 

Being Restored

Being Restored is the final component of The Being and Becoming Series.  The Being Response-able and The Being-Relate-able workshops are prerequisites.  This interactive workshop focuses on strategies to maintain positive mental health and creating a artistic representation of self care.


Pieces of Me Student Workshop

After watching a short performance from the one woman show "I AM", students analyze this character's behavior in order to discuss the themes of manifestation, declaration and reflection. Students will create a mixed media collage to declare self-worth and/or self-proclamation through art. This workshop includes an extension activity for students to compose poetry to accompany their work.


Believe Obey Worship (B.O.W.)

This workshop identifies and discusses the strongholds that are growth inhibitors and the strategies the Bible instructs us to use to conquer them.  


Author Visits

Tonya Blue is available for readings and group discussions for both novels. Discounts are available for bulk orders done via this website.