Service With A Purpose

Service With A Purpose

Service With A PurposeService With A Purpose

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"My Life is Not a Sermon"


You think teaching is about lesson plans, seating charts and curriculum? You don’t know the half! I look into my students faces and see my own regrets, issues, and insecurities. I’m blindsided by emotion and I don’t know how to handle it!  Yes I am the first line of defense, but what happens when I am the one in trauma and refuse to read what’s penned in red?

“My Life is Not a Sermon” follows Ms. Brown on her spiritual transformation after the death of a student. Explore the baggage she carries into the classroom as she learns to forgive herself in order to impact the children she teaches and to heal the middle school girl who lives inside her.

"I am the Children I Teach"


You never know what baggage a child brings into a classroom or the issues a teacher hides. This is a story about the effects and consequences of a legacy of abuse and the impact it has on relationships between students and teachers.

"I am The Children I Teach" explores the thoughts and feelings of two teachers, Ms. Brown and Ms. Wilson, who view their career choice of teaching differently. Both fight to hide their own childhood pain only to have them exposed by two of their students who face the same problems.